Nimbuzz brings Holaa for Android (Download and Review)

Holaa For Android

Finally, Nimbuzz has come up with Holaa! to take on the competition with Truecaller and other similar apps in the Android¬†market. So what is Holaa all about, let’s find out in this short excerpt review. What is Holaa all about? Holaa is a simple yet powerful Android app which displays identity information about an incoming […]

Regin Malware – A Covert Espionage Tool

Regin Malware Virus

This morning I came across this news on ZDNet that a virus known as Regin may have been spying on nations all across the globe collecting data from multiple sources. According to Symantec, this malware is presumed to be nation funded and has been on the loose for almost 6 years. Symantec research tab says,”Regin […]

How to Remove/Uninstall iLivid download manager Permanently

iLivid Virus

If you are looking to remove iLivid download manager, here is how you can permanently uninstall it and block future come backs. What is iLivid download manager? iLivid download manager is a very controversial program which gets installed to your Windows operating System (Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows VISTA, Windows 8 and 8.1) from third […]

Permanently remove chrome notification icon from taskbar

Google Chrome Notification Taskbar

The latest Google Chrome update has come up with yet another annoying notification icon for Windows taskbar. This notification center update is forced to Mac OS X and Linux platforms as well. Many people have found this to be a very notorious move as it is activated after chrome update by default and there is […]

What is a WPS file and how to Open or Convert it?

WPS file extension

WPS is an acronym for Writer Presentation and Spreadsheets and is associated with Microsoft Works Document. We have also found .WPS extension to be related to kingsoft document files. So, if you are wondering how to open, view, edit or convert ¬†a WPS file, we are here to help you out. How can you open […]

Google finally adds EFT payment option for Indian Adsense Publishers


Google Adsense publishers in India can now finally avail EFT transfer directly from Google adsense to their bank accounts. The announcement was made today after a long period of hue and cry of Indian bloggers who had problems receiving checks delivered to their verified address. The most important reason for delay was due to slow […]