Google Glasses – Advantages and Disadvantages

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Its almost 4 in the morning and I am all charged up with my insomniac eyes glued to my notebook screen trying to dig in all possible privacy threats that Google Glasses can spill. The first thought that comes to our mind when we think of this digital glass is an eye wear device connected to the Internet with its ability to capture images, videos, voice and stream them simultaneously to any place on the planet connected to the world wide web. Now what mayhem can this device cause if for an instance the security gates are hacked? Well there can be tales of horrific incidents and yes I am here to discuss them all today.

Google Glasses Troll

If you haven’t still heard about Google Glass, you really must have been off the social grid for a while. Know all about Google Glass here and make sure you share your views with us on this subject.

Reasons for Extra Hype

Well we all are very much open for new experiments and technological advances but only those that survive the negative slap of the reverse engineering implementation finally are able to enjoy the social acceptance. We, as a curious social beast, are very much addicted to anything new that promises bizarre facilities such as clap to turn your lights on/off, press a remote button to start the car ignition or may be shout a voice command to lock and unlock our computer. We are not much bothered about how things are going to turn up or down at the later stages but we sure have the urge to try them on as soon as it gets invented.

Well the whole world was excited about Cloning as well, but we all know where it rests now.   ~ @pisceangeek

Advantages and Disadvantages

Google glass is one of such gadget which promises effortless communication and added features which can make our life more simple and fascinating. But every feature which promises better usage can also be drastically abused by hackers and reverse engineers. Let us analyse each Google glasses component and their advantages and disadvantages.

Google Glasses Component



Display Screen

The small glass frame comes with micro pixel transparent palette which can display crystal clear overlapping images and videos. Apps and Programs can be used to display abusive zoom levels and can lead to compromised videos and malign images of people. Just image yourself on whom this mockery is being applied.


A speaker piece attached to the internal device frame which has been placed very accurately above your ears. Can be used as a spy gadget. Need I say more? Well, Ok. This component has no more loophole.


An audio receiver which takes command from your voice and applies the respective functions. Pass voice command using external sound projectors which can help hackers install apps and other malicious programs to your device.

External Camera

This camera is your interactive window to the real world. It can read faces, identify maps, capture images, roll a video or pass a gesture. Can provide hackers with your exact location and other visual information which can completely exploit your personal and professional life.

Internal Motion sensor

This feature is tucked to the inside front panel of the glass and can detect your eye lid movements and response accordingly. Not much sure about it but I have a very bad feeling about some electronic thing pointing at my retina all the time. I guess this feature can lead to defective eye in the long run.


Well your Google glass comes with ability to attach glasses to the main frame as well if you have one. (*Can be used without glasses as well) The world will be like – “Chashmish”. It feels great to see women with such a gadget but I don’t think it’s just restricted to being manly as cited by surgery bin on TED.


The power source of the glass resides at the end of the long frame. Having a power source attached above the cerebellum might have some interference with the way our brain functions.


The right body of the frame is touching sensitive and it can understand your swipe and tap gestures easily. What about people who are left handed? Why do I have a biased feeling about this product!!!!

Reviews – May 2013

Google glasses have been released just a few days back and the abuses are taking its toll. The exploit.ab hack has been successfully applied to a glass and it has been completely remote controlled. The Technology consultant @sourik claims one can completely control all features (including capture images/video without the user’s knowledge) using the Android SDK.

Fox news posted an article yesterday about how the hackers can take the damage to the next level.

Google Glass + Facebook = Privacy Exploitation

One would wonder why I brought it up on the first note. This is just because almost 23 percent of the Android community uses Facebook application. With the graph search and Face Tag on the brutal privacy exploitation imagine another ounce of salt added to your wounds.

Now with the help of Google glass one can search any face (Even if you don’t want to) and get all information about related social profile. You would argue there are privacy options – Yes, but out of 1 billion active users 13 million users never touch their privacy settings (Most people don’t know about them as well). You can learn more about related statistical data here.

Just think Google search providing information about a user using the image along with Facebook face recognition tag. Add it up with the personalized search result you can dig in with the graphic search. Now narrow down your results and add a friend of the person to your FB network. You will now be able to access all data shared with friends or friends attribute. Browse through the tagged images and personal information and voila – The privacy has been completely compromised.

Entry Restricted/Banned

Many business ventures and secured zones have already banned Google glasses in their premises. Many Bars and clubs have already restricted the usage.  Many organizations who are concerned for their privacy have decided to block it for now as well.

Moreover the campaign #ifihadglass Twitter competition is sure filling in with hash tags but majority of the winners are denying to grab a glass of their own. Reason – This is not the kind of money one would easily waste on a product simply to beta test it.

Currently the product is in beta testing mode and is being offered for $1500 to its initial set of limited users to test the product in real world situations. The price is expected to drop down a bit when it reaches the final deployment stage of its life cycle. But isn’t 1500 USD a nominal amount you can pay to exploit the real world and gain an unfair amount of unlimited private information about any person who has an online profile. #justathought.

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