Top 5 best Twitter Mass unfollow Tools 2013

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Twitter is the most popular social media with the viral power to change things and spread any information like wild fire in the internet world. With more than five hundred fifty-four million users twitter is growing more popular every day.

Twitter unfollow tools

Like every other social media twitter is a great tool to dig up leads and reach out to people with similar interests. With such a large network there are millions of dead or static/fake accounts which can be of no profit to you at the end of the day. Moreover many spammers simply make a mass follow tactic to add in any random users which they found across their database list. It is advisable to remove such users using twitter unfollow tools from your followers list, who have either not posted for a long time or the ones which you think are stale static irrelevant twitter accounts.

Just unfollow

This is a simple and easy to use API to remove non followers and long inactive users in your list. You can also set auto follow back option if someone adds you up in their list. It also offers complete data and statistics about the users you have followed and unfollowed and vice versa all along.

justunfollow website screenshot


It is another very simple web service to get a grip on your twitter followers. It scans your connections and lists people who are being followed by you and those who are not following you back. You can easily manage such users with just a few clicks.

friendorfollow website screenshot


This is a great tool of find your connected twitter users who have not posted anything as such on their profile recently. This was you will be able to find all inactive users and shred them away from your profile.

untweeps website screenshot


It is a cool tool to bulk unfollow twitter users according to your requirement. You can also set auto follow up for people who add you to their follow list.

tweepi twitter unfollow tool


This is the best mass unfollow tool to get rid of spam followers. It comes with filters and additional options to search specific type of users. This way you can find zero tweets users, long inactive users and block them permanently. Sometimes removing user may again lead your account to be added to the spam list so it is advisable to block them so that they are unable to follow you again ever.

twitblock mass unfollow tool

If you are not familiar with unfollow process I would suggest you to stay away from such tools as users once unfollowed cannot be added back automatically. These tools are meant for marketing and business purpose only. If you know any other tools which is easy to use and can be helpful for mass unfollow users do let us know using the comment section.

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