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With the growth of the social networking sites, it is quite common that you lose privacy to some extent. The extent is what you decide. Many people post photos and videos with no care of sharing them with strangers. However, not all do it. There is one more sector where you need to be careful when you want to stay away from annoying people in Facebook. Yes, anyone who is a stranger may be after you in this site. So, if you want to keep away from them you need to know few things. Few months back you could read the chats other people send you and still pretend to have not read them. But, now Facebook has launched the read receipt feature on the chats that go on with the social networking site. Facebook chat receipt is one such receipt which has become a necessary evil for all users. Now, you cannot feign to have not read the message after reading the message. The person who had sent the message will surely be notified that you had seen the content.

How to read chats and yet stay undetected in Facebook?

The issue with this feature is the user would not be able to make any changes in the settings with regards to it. So, this feature cannot be disabled by the users. But, there is a solution for this thing. You can use an extension of browser to remove the notice ‘seen’. After the installation of the browser extension, you can get the result that the other person who had sent the message can never get to know when you had seen the message exactly. There are some websites that let the Facebook users to get a feature to go undetected for reading the chats. This is called chat undetected button. Once it is installed, the feature identifies the browser you use.

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When your browser happens to be Google Chrome, the button will be installed on downloading it from the site. Then close the browser and run the installation file.

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If your browser is Mozilla Firefox, then you get an add-on notice stating that the button has been downloaded successfully. You can click the Install Now button in the notice. On clicking the button, the installation is done.

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On doing this, based on the web browser you use, you get what you want. The annoying seen notice in the chat of Facebook is now removed. Your friends and other users of Facebook with whom you chat can never get to know if you have seen the message sent by them and you feign not seeing them.

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When you want to have the seen status back on the chat, you can uninstall it from the browser. For this you need to see the settings of your web browser.

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Google Chrome users need to go to settings, from there choose the option extensions and choose the option disable or uninstall chat undetected. If you use Mozilla Firefox, you need to go to the Add-ons page. From this page choose the option Extensions and choose disable or uninstall chat undetected.

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Installing and uninstalling of the chat undetected button is not cumbersome and pretty easy. If you still unable to get this thing together you can ask for help in our comment section. Privacy is a privilege only for the rich in the movies but it is for all if you know how to tweak everything a bit. Good luck.

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